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• 4/3/2015

I'm Taking A Break

The time has come to announce this.

As i stated in the title, i am taking a break. From what? From wikia. And no, im not just taking a break from this one, im taking a break from allnof the wikis i am currently a member of. That includes Wikilodeon, Fanfic Channel, Wiki Channel, Storywriters Central, etc.

•sighs• The reason i am taking a break from wikia is that i have a lot to deal with already. I have debate team, college, bullying, depression, book writing, and a job. That's only abou 1/3 of it. I'm not gonna spend my time listing them all.

I hope you all understand. And, please inform all p3ople that im taking a break. :)

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• 4/4/2015

I totally understand. I will miss having you around, but wikia is definitely not a priority when you're going through all that. I am so sorry that this is happening to you, and you don't need to tell me anything. I hope everything gets better soon. Please make sure to talk to someone close to you if you feel like you can't take it all. 

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